Berry Happy
So...I have totally been slacking on the blog lately.  So much has happend in the last month.  After the death of a friend (Susan Griffies) whom I worked with at FLVS, then the death of a friend's husband, and then another close friend's father was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer I have been completely consumed by thoughts of how much I love my family and how blessed I am.

Reasons to be thankful for each one of them:

Clark:  He is the most amazing husband that anyone could ever ask for.  I love the way that he leaves me a love note every morning.  I love the way he smiles.  I love that he loves the Lord and is a great example to live by.  I love the way he loves being around the kids. I love that he is extremely smart and loves his students and school.  I love his butt!!!  HEHE.  :-)

Alex:  I love that he is so anything that he does.  I love that he is respectful to anyone he meets. I love that he loves the Lord and really shows it in his everyday life.  I love that he isn't afraid to try something new..even if it's going to be hard. 

Jill:  I love her sense of humor.  I love the way she loves life.  I love her smile and laugh.  I love the way that she brightens a room.  I love the way she that she has a tender heart (even though she tries not to let you see it).  I love that the word "can't" isn't in her vocabulary.  I love that people say that we are alike even though she isn't "mine"...per se.      :-)

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