Berry Happy
I have been terrible about keeping up with the blog through the last couple of months.  Things in the Berry family have been so hectic and yet SO exciting!!!!

For anyone that hasn't hear (although I'm not sure if that is possible because I can't stop talking about it) we got a match for our adoption in October. 

It was such an amazing thing.  Our match came through an agency that we weren't even "affiliated" with.  I contacted them in September with little luck/interest.  They wanted quite a bit of money up front and so we decided that they weren't going to be the right fit for us.  About a month later, on a Tuesday morning they contacted me out of the blue.  They said that they had a woman that they thought would be a perfect fit for us and us for her.  I scanned and emailed our adoption portfolio that morning and by the afternoon I was talking with and making plans to meet the woman that would give us the most amazing gift in the world. 

We drove to GA that weeekend to meet her.  She is such a sweet woman.  It was instant love!  We have gone once a month since October to be involved in Dr. appointments etc.  Our baby girl will be born in March.  Miss Ariana Grace will be a very welcomed addition to the Berry family. 

Alex is doing well.  He just got his SAT results back- 1170 on his first attempt in the fall of his junior year!  Not too shabby.  Can we say "scholarships!"

Jill is going through middle school so quickly.  She will be a freshman next year and is doing so well.  She has lots of friends and does great in school.

Clark will be taking on a different position within his school system.  He has been asked to run an elementary school while also opening a school for 16-24 year old students that have dropped out of school.  They would be working on earning a GED as well as getting on the job training in the construction field.  He will also be working to get a K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) program going.  He is just AMAZING!!!!

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