Berry Happy
I am just starting this blog so that our family and friends can keep up with all of the fun and interesting stuff that is going on with the Berry family. 

Thus far....this month! :-)

Alex passed his driving test last week.  He is the proud new owner of a driver's license.  He has been quite excited to drive to school every morning.  We have been excited that he can drive home after football practice (no more waiting in the parking lot for an hour at a time!!!)  It seems like yesterday his interests were Pokemon and Boy Scouts.  Now he is interested in the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition and facebook.  He is still in Boy Scouts-  working on his Eagle project! He is an amazing young man that is excited about all of the college brochures that he has been getting in the mail.

Jill started 8th grade!  I can't believe that cute little girl with the long blonde hair has grown up so much.  She is almost as tall as I am!  She still loves her sports but is totally about the fashion sense!  :-)  She is counting down the time until she gets to drive like big brother. 

Clark had a wonderful opening of the school year.  Very busy, but everything has gone smoothly thus far.  We are going to the first LWHS football game tonight!

08/30/2010 07:23

YAY! So glad you started a blog! Can't wait to read all your exciting stuff coming down the road!


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