Berry Happy
I loved celbrating Easter with the whole family this year!  Alex and Jill were here and my dad and Clark's mom were able to join us as well.  It was such a joy to have all of our kids with us in church celebrating Jesus. 

We have had many interesting things happen during the month of May. Alex has had his Eagle project approved and is almost complete with the project itself.  Jill has become a protestor.  She along with 21 other classmates protested against thier science teacher and had a sit out in the office.  Luckily she wasn't in trouble.  The principal sympathized!   Ariana's first shots (not awesome!) and her first go at sitting in her Bumbo seat.  They are all doing so well. 

Clark was hired by Florida Virtual School as an IL (principal) and will be starting on June 6th.  We are all so excited about this opportunity for him.  He will not have the night activities etc that he had before and will be part of an organization that truly appreciates its employees. 

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