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I know that I am really bad at keeping up, but a little birdie (Kerry) reminded me to get on the ball and update this blog! 

Our bundle of joy arrived on March 2nd!  What an exciting 6 weeks it has been.  Ariana is such a joy.  She is beautiful inside and out.  To truly appreciate what it means to adopt, you have to know the story of the adoption process.  I explained what a wonderful experience we had in getting our match, but there is so much more that comes after that.  I had no idea!!!!!

So, let me back up just a little to Feb. 24th.  I got a call from the birth mother telling us that she had a Dr. appointment the next Wednesday and that she though that they were going to go ahead and complete the c-section.  We found out after we got there that it was more her wishful thinking.  There had been no plan to go ahead and deliver at that time, but when she told the Dr. that she wasn't feeling Ariana move he asked her to go ahead an go to the hospital so they could monitor her more closely for a period of time.  She decided to go ahead and tell the Dr. that she had previously had a still birth and that was why she was so concerned.  That was the game changer!

Within 30 minutes of her telling the Dr. this little piece of information, she was on the schedule for a c-section just 2 hours from then.  When they came in to tell us, I yelled so loud that the nurse spun around a looked at me like I was crazy. Then I started crying...naturally. 

I felt like I was on Grey's Anatomy (with out all of the sex going on).  I watched them stick a HUGE needle in her back for the epidural, begin cutting into her abdomen, and then finally I watched as they reached inside of her to pull out this beautiful baby girl.  I literally saw her come into this world.  She was 7 lbs. 9 oz. 20 1/2 inches of absolute beautiful! 

Then came the exhausting 4 days after the delivery.  The hospital wouldn't allow us to be in a regular room with Ariana, only what they call the "Parent Room."  This room is just off of the nursery and is about 6x6 and has no windows, radio, TV, or any  other form of entertainment.  It was so tiny that Clark and I were tripping over each other while trying to change a diaper.  We spent 12-15 hours a day in that little room with our baby girl.  Her birth mother would occaisionally ask to see her, but for the most part she left us to bond with the baby.  She said that it really meant a lot to her that we trusted her and her decision enough to allow ourselves to bond with Ariana. 

At 48 hours, she signed her consents (terminating her perental rights), but asked that the baby not be discharged until she was on Sunday (4 days after delivery).  It was such a relief to know that the papers were signed under Florida law and could not be revoked...under GA law, she would have 10 days to change her mind.  I felt like I could finally breathe and just enjoy my new daughter. 

Sunday finally came.  We got to the hospital around 9:00 am and went to the nursery.  Ariana was being checked over by the pediatrician and the nurse said that she would bring the baby to us when they were finished.  We waited...and waited...and waited and then finally went back over to see what was going on.  She wasn't in the nursery.  The nurse told us that the birthmother had requested time with her and asked that we not come into her room.  I was feeling extremely frustrated so we went down to the cafeteria to get some lunch.  Clark was standing in the line paying for our food at McDonald's when my phone rang.  It was our attorney.  She was calling to let us know that the birthmother was trying to change her mind about the adoption.  The hospital didn't know what to do, so they just didn't speak to us.  For about 6 hours we weren't allowed to see our daughter.  We were told to wait in the room until our attorney arrived.  When she came in, she was accompanied by Ariana, a nurse, and a tall slender black woman who introduced herself as the birthmother's aunt.  I wasn't sure how to react until she gave us a huge hug and said that she felt that the mother had made the right choice in the begining when she chose us to raise her daughter.  She prayed with us and then went to talk with her niece.  About 30 minutes later, the birthmother came to see us.  She apologized for her actions and explained that she was just having trouble letting go.  She asked the hospital staff to get the discharge papers ready so that Ariana could go home with her parents. 

I can't tell you the relief that came over me when we had our baby girl strapped into her carseat and watched the hospital fade into our rearview mirror!

04/18/2011 18:21

We're so glad she is here! And of course she is absolutely beautiful!


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